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Welcome, Traveler, to Ecuador
& the world of Insects

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Your visit actively helps protect vulnerable areas and wildlife!


More than just its natural wonders, Ecuador is rich in thousands of years of history and culture. 


Visit Ecuadorian owned lodges, museums, and restaurants! Rest assured that all staff are paid fair wages

Local culture

Ecuador is home to many cultures and over 14 indigenous languages are still spoken! Learn about Ecuador's people.


Ecuador is a birder's paradise! Hummingbirds galore and some small towns have over 500 species just waiting to meet you!


Ecuador is a biodiversity hotspot with over 1,600 bird species, 4,000 orchid species, and 3,500 butterfly species


Some of the most beautiful insects you have ever seen are waiting for you in Ecuador's jungles and mountains. 


Not only visit Ecuador's natural wonders, but lean how these unique ecosystems function!


You've seen these rainforests on your TV screen! Now it's time to visit the rainforest in person. 


Your visit actively helps protect vulnerable areas and wildlife!

Upcoming Tour Events

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Join a small group of nature enthusiasts who want to become close to nature through investigative and observational practices via nature journaling! Learn from Marley Peifer as we climb mountains and dive into the Amazon!
Singups Close: January 5th, 2023
Tour Dates: June 30- July 10 2024

Booking Closed

Early Bird Discounted Signups: January 24thth, 2024
                         (available to newsletter recipients only)
Standard Signups: February 1st, 2024
Tour Dates: July 16-24, 2024

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Sara Lewis

You definitely want to take a tour with Nancy into the microcosmos. She is able to combine her extensive entomological expertise with her deep appreciation for Ecuador’s cultural and national treasures. You will not be sorry!

What people say!

Diana & john

Diana and I had a wonderful trip to Ecuador where we collected lots of memories of this beautiful country. Your tour did an excellent job of introducing us to the history and culture of Ecuador in addition to seeing a lot of the natural beauty and animals. We feel like there is still a lot more of Ecuador to see and we will hopefully have an opportunity to return. Your knowledge of the country (and your personality) added a lot of fun to the tour and we are glad that we could join you on this trip.

Thomas Michel MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine, Harvard

Nancy truly lives and breathes a feeling for the organism” or in this case, organisms. Her knowledge is encyclopedic or in the current age, better to say “Wikipedic” and her enthusiasm is infectious. A gifted teacher and student of science. Nancy brings nature to life.

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