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Amazon Adventure

Visit the lungs of the planet

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You'll find yourself cruising up the Cuyabeno river meeting playful dolphins, lazy sloths, curious caimans, squawking macaws, frolicking frogs, towering trees, and glittering insects. Discover all the mysteries of the forest from hidden animals to traditional medicines. 

Tour Package Pricing Includes:

Prices include private domestic transportation, hotels and lodging, meals included in the itinerary, potable water, tours, entrance fees, activities, local guides, tips for appropriate staff, taxes, banking and service fees for the specified number PAX.

What's NOT included:

International airfare, alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, snacks, laundry services, Covid-19 Testing, traveler’s insurance (recommended).

How this Works:

Here you'll find the generalized itineraries and activities. You'll find these to be fairly generalized, which gives us flexibility if you'd like to slightly modify the itinerary. Once we're in agreement, I'll send you an invoice. The invoice is to be paid in full as I cannot make reservations without upfront deposits. Once the invoice is paid in full, I'll send you a detailed itinerary. Two weeks before your trip I'll send you a finalized itinerary.

7 Day Tour:

Day 1: Quito 

Day 2: Cuyabeno

Day 3: Cuyabeno

Day 4: Cuyabeno

Day 5: Cuyabeno

Day 6: Cuyabeno

Day 7: Cloud Forest

amazon rainforest ecuador cuyabeno
Pricing is presented as per person
3-4 PAX
5-7 PAX
7 Days
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Amazon Adventure
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Awesome! You'll hear from me soon!


Visiting the Amazon has been a dream of mine for years and this tour made it come true! It has been so much more wonderful than I dared to hope! Seeing so many fascinating species in life which I had only watched on screens before was incredible! River dolphins, Amblypygids and social spiders! Oh my! Experiencing South America with your knowledge and excitement for the wildlife and Diego's cultural connections with the ecosystem has been wonderful and a huge cut above a regular holiday.

Monica & Vinny tafuto

Thank you for the most memorable honeymoon! A canoe ride in the Amazon by candlelight to see the stars will live on in our memoires forever. Thank you for giving us a new perspective on bugs.


This has been an incredible trip from the food, wealth of knowledge, and of course the stunning beauty of the Amazon. 


Thank you for all your hard work, network, and skills to make our first trip to Ecuador as pleasant as it has been! 

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