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Mountaintops & Treetops

From the Cloud Forest to the High Mountains

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You really can have it all as we explore both the cloud forest with its misty mountains and cheeky hummingbirds and the high paramo mountain ecosystem in Quito and Otavalo. You'll explore several distinct ecosystems in this whirlwind adventure that whisks you away to high mountain peaks and secret hummingbird grottos. 

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paramo ecuador quito
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Pricing is presented as per person
5-7 PAX
7 Days
5 Days
3 Days
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Mountaintops & TreeTops
Tour Package Pricing Includes:

Prices include private domestic transportation, hotels and lodging, meals included in the itinerary, potable water, tours, entrance fees, activities, local guides, tips for appropriate staff, taxes, banking and service fees for the specified number PAX.

What's NOT included:

International airfare, alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, snacks, laundry services, Covid-19 Testing, traveler’s insurance (recommended).

How this Works:

Here you'll find the generalized itineraries and activities. You'll find these to be fairly generalized, which gives us flexibility if you'd like to slightly modify the itinerary. Once we're in agreement, I'll send you an invoice. The invoice is to be paid in full as I cannot make reservations without upfront deposits. Once the invoice is paid in full, I'll send you a detailed itinerary. Two weeks before your trip I'll send you a finalized itinerary.

7 Day Tour:

Day 1: Mindo

Day 2: Mindo

Day 3: Mindo

Day 4: Quito

Day 5: Otavalo

Day 6: Otavalo

Day 7: Otavalo

3 Day Tour:

Day 1:  Papallacta

Day 2: Papallacta

Day 3: Quito

5 Day Tour:

Day 1: Papallacta

Day 2: Papallacta

Day 3: Quito

Day 4: Otavalo

Day 5: Otavalo

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Itineraries download as PDFs

Elenor Gollw-Schla

Nancy was a very competent person - she spent a lot of time with us and explained everything about the insects, plants, and flowers. We are very glad that she gave us a workshop in photography. It was a very lovely time with her. 

What people say!

Nash Turley

After eight days of exploring the dry forest, cloud forest, and paramo together I'm so grateful for all the amazing, beautiful, novel and exciting organisms and habitats I've seen and all of the natural history, ecology, chemistry, and evolution you've taught me. But I'm just grateful for you being a kind and thoughtful friend during this trip. Hanging out and chatting whether on trails, in the woods, or during our food consumption sessions was universally interesting, pleasant, and comforting. 


Nancy is a fount of knowledge, an expert bug spotter, and veritable genius. Her engaging and hilarious tours have transformed me from insect neutral to an entomology enthusiast! 

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