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About SciBugs Tours

I believe that everything is connected. It’s impossible to focus on fauna without also exploring the flora. It’s impractical to focus on Ecuador’s biology and ecology without also understanding the millions of years of geology preceding that shaped Ecuador into what it is today.  You can’t talk about conservation without also acknowledging that the local people are our most crucial allies in the battle to save Ecuador’s diverse ecosystems.


While I have my master’s in Entomology (bugs!) the interconnectedness of all these facets - tourism, ecology, and conservation is what I hope to share with you in these tours. You’ll get a unique experience exploring not just natural history of the ecosystems we visit but also connect with locals on meaningful levels as they show us their homes, their conservation projects, and their way of living with the Ecuadorian jungles and forests.


I invite you to join me on these meaningful and unique tours of Ecuador exploring the interconnectedness of ecology, geology, natural history, conservation, and local life.



About Nancy

I'm a contagiously passionate,  and self proclaimed PR representative for insects. While earning my Master's degree at the University of Georgia in Entomology, it became crystal clear that most people did not see insects the way I do. In attempts to combat this "kill it with fire" mentality, Nancy started several science communication projects including a YouTube channel and co-founded the blog Ask an Entomologist which seeks to  answer the public's questions about insects using scientific literature and written in a way that is both fun an accessible.


Following my Master's, I daringly flew to the heart of the Ecuadorian cloud forest where I worked in an ecolodge showing tourists the beautiful and hidden world of the smaller majority; lead environmental education programs, guided tours, and gave natural history presentations featuring insects


After two years, I traded my leafy green jungle for the concrete jungle of Quito where I designed my own tours under the brand SciBugs - which focuses on the interconnectedness of ecology (especially insects), geology, conservation, local culture, and ecotourism. 

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