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Overnight Tours

Choose from four incredible locations all within or close to Quito!

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A quick jaunt though Quito's highlands, or Otavalo's culture, or the thick forest of the cloud forest, or maybe you want a luxurious getaway to some hot springs! You let me know where you want to go and I'll fill in the rest. 

Possible Places

There's so much to do in Quito! Looking for cultural activities?  We can explore the historic district, admire the golden churches, and dive into the past with the various museums found within Quito focused on Ecuador's living history. Or maybe you're the more of a nature type! We'll explore volcanoes and dry forests all found within the city limits of Quito. Or maybe you want a bit of both!


Otavalo boasts of thundering waterfalls, towering mountains, and bustling markets. Whether you're interested in the artisan crafts, textiles, and leatherwork that can be found here, learn about the Otavalo people and their culture, or explore the glistening volcanic lakes and mountains, there's something for everyone in Otavalo.


Thermal hot springs in the .high Andes just outside of Quito. Explore the transition forest between high paramo and the cloud forest and discover coral-like plants growing at 13,000 ft (4,000m) in the mountains protecting the town of Papallacta. After a hard day on the mountain, relax in your private thermal pool right outside your room. 

Cloud Forest

Depeneding on the season, we'll either visit Guango or BellaVista. Both lodges protect pristine cloud forest on opposite sides of the mountain. Wake up to color birds and toucans sitting outside your room, look for moths by the blacklight in the evening, and relax with the hummingbirds right outside your front door. 

Tour Package Pricing Includes:

Prices include private domestic transportation, hotels and lodging, meals included in the itinerary, potable water, tours, entrance fees, activities, local guides, tips for appropriate staff, taxes, banking and service fees for the specified number PAX.

What's NOT included:

International airfare, alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, snacks, laundry services, Covid-19 Testing, traveler’s insurance (recommended).

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Pricing is presented as per person
3-4 PAX
5-7 PAX
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How this Works:

First you need to decide where we're going! Pick a place and an ecosystem. Once we have that and are in agreement over specific activities, I'll send you an invoice. The invoice is to be paid in full as I cannot make reservations without upfront deposits. Once the invoice is paid in full, I'll send you a detailed itinerary. Two weeks before your trip I'll send you a finalized itinerary.


It was a wonderful, healing trip that fulfilled everything I needed it to be!

What people say!


Many thanks, Nancy, for your enthusiasm, knowledge, tireless problem solving, and joyfulness! What a wonderful adventure. 

John vile

I have had a wonderful time. Thank you for all your organization, hard work, and especially your enthusiasm for Ecuador. 

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