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Group Tours

More than 7 people? Got specific interests? Let me know and let's go!

Do you have a group with some special interests? Focused on Evolution? Maybe you're looking to do some nature journaling. Role playing games?  Maybe you're with a group of students and want to focus on some bugs? Maybe you're looking for a good mix of culture and nature? Let me know what you need and I've got you covered!!

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My group tour experience

I first dabbled in group tours when I was a TA at the University of Georgia in 2012. Designing the course materials, constructing the itinerary, and helping with logistics on the ground - I had no idea that all that would turn into this business I've created for myself now showing others the beauty of nature, insects, ecology, and Ecuador. 

Varying from everything from student groups, to professional photography groups, to hosting workshops,  to groups focused on artisanship and culture,  to general nature enthusiasts, I've loved the diversity of people I've  been able to meet who are excited to visit and learn more around Ecuador and everything it has to offer. 

Let me know what you need, what your focus is, and we'll get started!

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Need marketing Materials or websites?

I can create marketing materials such as websites and social media posts. The dedicated trip website for our trip includes photos, the itinerary, FAQ, packing lists, and receive payments. Check out the following examples below. 

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Customized Trip Workbooks

Whether you're working with students or just a general group of enthusiasts, I can create workbooks that can be tailored specifically for your trip! They generally include thought provoking questions about the places we visit, the connection between living and non living factors, and the flora and fauna we'll see in addition to daily journal prompts.  Furthermore, any lectures or presentation can be added into the workbooks for easy access and guided note taking. At the end, it's a unique souvenir for your participants to bring home and share with others or maybe fondly look back on in the coming years. 

Let's get started!

  1. Fill out the questionnaire below! 

  2. You'll receive an email from me after I receive your filled out questionnaire asking for a $100 deposit. The deposit is non-refundable but will go towards the total tour package pricing should you choose to book with me 

  3. Once the deposit is made, you'll receive a hefty document from me outlining possible tour packages that take into consideration where you want to go, the activities that interest you, your budget, how many people are going, and your trip goals.

  4. After you pick a tour package, I will send you an invoice for the full price of the tour. This is to be paid in full so that way I can make all the deposits to ensure that we have our reservations all squared away.  I will craft a cancellation policy specifically for your group which you will get to approve. 

  5. We'll set up informational zoom meetings along the way so that way the participants can get to know me, learn about Ecuador, meet each other, and have all their questions answered!

  6. We'll set deadlines for payments to be made. I'll need to have deposits at least 6 months ahead of time to ensure our reservations. This is especially true for our busy seasons (June-Aug // Nov-January) 

  7. Then I pick you and your group up from the airport in Quito and we're on our way! 

Brings you to a Google Form


Thanks so much for squeezing me into the tour last minute! It was an incredible trip and I'm happy that my first experience of the Amazon rainforest was on one of your tours! Apart from the mind-blowing wildlife, the tour itself was very well organized with a great attention to detail. I very much appreciated the excellent vegetarian food! It was also great having such a knowledgeable guide - Diego made even vertebrates interesting! I will highly recommend you to all of my entomologist friends and my

non-entomologist friends too!

What people say!

Piotr Naskrecki
BugShot Instructor 

This time was even better than the last and the last BugShot in Ecuador was phenomenal! I literally felt like a kid in a candy store (but one that also had beer). Your organizational skills are superb, your knowledge of the natural world is vast, and your enthusiasm for insects and then rest of the wild world are unparalleled! Thank you for making this trip so amazing.

Noonday Collection

Thank you so much for putting together and leading such an incredible trip. You were honestly such a gift. Every time I turned around you were making something else better. I'm so glad I got to know you - seriously couldn't have imagined a better first artisan trip! PS. Bugs are cool.

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