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Limited Time Store!

Here you'll find a range of goods made either by me (all the bug jewelry) or made by master artisans in Otavalo and Cotacachi Ecuador. I'm excited to bring these works of art displaying human talent and natural beauty from my home to yours!

all products will ship the week of june 25, 2023

What are you Looking for?

Woven goods made by master artisans Jose Luis & Mercedes. Traditional art has now been combiened with modern style to bring you functional and stylish accessories!

Jewelry made from and inspired by insects! Also some products created by master artisans but with the SciBugs branding. 

Our pricing reflects our commitment to sustainability, ecofriendliness, and ethically sourced labor and products! it also includes domestic US shipping, credit card processing fees, and taxes. The number you see is the number you pay - no surprises!

Sacha Handmade

Sacha Handmade

The item in your hands has been handcrafted by indigenous weavers, Jose Luis and Mercedes. They live with their two children at the base of the majestic Volcano Imbabura, located in rural Ecuador. 


As 4th generation master weavers, they are some of the last who still make textiles 100% by hand, using a traditional wood loom. Each and every thread passes through their hands creating an item filled with pride. 

Your purchase provides them with a means to support their family and continue practicing the craft they love. 

Handwoven with Genuine Leather Oversized Tote Bag


Tote Bag

This oversized tote bag made from genuine Ecuadorian leather and handwoven aquamarine, turquoise, and cerulean threads to bring the hues of the Ecuadorian Volcanic lakes to your doorstep. The inside features a full lining two large pockets, and one zip close pocket for the things you need to keep extra safe! The tote closes with a snap. 


Handwoven 100% Cotton Double Sided Blue Bath Towel


This towel is handwoven from 100% cotton and dyed an oceanic blue tone. As the product is handwoven, hand dyed, and a natural product please expect variations in the tone of blue from light blue to a more royal blue. 

This towel packs up and rolls up smaller than a pencil case so bring it everywhere to plop down near the pool or coverup when there's a slight breeze! As its handwoven, its double sided so there is no back or front. This super soft towel only gets softer with washes.


This can be machine washed - but in cold water and dried on a low setting. 

This towel is a BATH TOWEL size.

Thin Strap

Thin Handwoven Camera / Binoculars Strap

Backed with Genuine Leather


This handwoven camera strap backed with genuine leather comes in two colors. Rose pink if you want a pop of color or graphite gray if you want some fun designs but don't need to stand out against everything you own!

At checkout you will be prompted to pick a color!


These straps measure 1inch wide and 4 feet long with the hand woven part measuring 26 inches. 

Thick Strap

Thick Handwoven Camera / Binoculars Strap

Backed with Genuine Leather