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The SciHive 

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The SciHive 

The SciHive is a learning community centered around gameified , personalized, entomological workshops.  

These workshops range in length from a week to a month and you get a deep dive on the topic. 

There are:

  • pre recorded videos in a fun format. 

  • a learning community group where I, other instructors, and you get to hang out, see each other's work, and chime in. 

  • interactive learning activities that can be completed any way you want. Want to bake a cake to show off an insect? Do it. 

  • live question and answer sessions with me! I answer all your hardest questions live. 

  • Beta testing new ideas! Everything from puzzles to parts of new workshops, you get to see it first! 

  • Be the first to know! Space in our workshops is limited to just 30 people. We love creating safe, tight knit learning communities.  So you'll get first access to all upcoming workshops! 

  • Discounts! That's right  - you get a discount for all future classes just for being here with us!


Don't just take it from me, though!




The FB Live Q&A sessions were a lot of fun. Really liked how quickly questions were replied to from my instructors (Queen bees!), usually within a few hours in not minutes..very much appreciated!! Also, as the week long mission progressed, the volume of Bee contributions ( photos, links to further info, etc) was great! And finally but certainly not least, the "Further Reading" reference lists provided on the Google Classroom was awesome!! Thank you, thank you!!


Nancy's colorful unbridled enthusiasm and all the great, juicy info about bugs.

Best workshop ever, assured learning.


Not only does this course give you a fun, interactive way to learn about entomological concepts, but a whole community of curious bug-minded individuals from all over the world, as well! I look forward to future missions and the assimilation of new bees into our hive!


THIS is the way to learn things... In the HiveMind courses, we were allowed to do our homework in absolutely ANY way.. right from drawing pictures, to making comics, and even looking for actual insects... This is education at its best!

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