Players ... Ready Your Keyboards

You are invited to play to learn about 



their ecology


their chemical weapons 

in an interactive, GAMIFIED, entomology workshop

The SciHive


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Workshop Playtime: Aug 14-Sept 6

Why Gamification?

the opposite of play isn't work,


it's depression. 


Whereas the clinical signs of depression are pessimistic sense of inadequacy and despondent lack of activity, 

the feelings evoked by gameplay provide a stark opposite: an optimistic sense of our own abilities and an invigorating rush of activity

The Gamified Basics 

of Chem-Tales

pin millipede.gif







them into


+1 Defense

Collaborate with other players

To create

a playable

card game





in the


Track your 



Don't be Fooled!

This is adult


Aimed at a high school level / entomology 101 level. 

Giant Centipede

learning happens  when we're having fun

learning happens  when we're having fun

Chem-Tales Live

$150 gets you

  • 9 part video series about various arthropods and their chemical ecology

  • 9 live videos by Nancy (SciBugs) answering your arthropod questions

  • 5 Expert guests who will lend us their expertise! 

  • Your physical insect card game that you helped create MAILED to your house! It's playable and comes with a description of all the arthropods featured!

  • Your own personal course navigation system that helps guide you through material and activities 

  • Bonus content including interviews and videos by other experts

  • Collaboration challenges with the other players

  • Limited to 30 players for a personalized and unique experience

  • Permanent access to the SciHive Facebook learning community 

Who's even teaching this?

Nancy Miorelli


Nancy is an entomologist living in Ecuador. She conducts ecological tours of Ecuador focused on entomology. 

Science communication and entomology has always been important to her. She just wants YOU to love bugs as much as she does.


Audrey Faye

Audrey is a PhD student in education at UT in Austin, Texas. Previously, she taught middle and high school in Houston, TX. 

She is passionate about making both science and education fun and accessible to everyone though gamification and open access materials. 

But Don't Take It From Us



First, I want to thank you, this course was a great experience. The most impressive part is that you managed structuring the course the way that it is interesting for everyone regardless of their age and level in biology. 

I loved how nice you were to everyone and answered everyone's doubts and questions with the same level of respect, politeness, and enthusiasm. Also I love how the whole course was gamified. I come from an education system that focuses on how well you can remember things and write them in an exam (and we as students   automatically judge ourselves based on the grades we got.) But EVERYthing in this course was voluntary and optional, and at the same time really interesting. So I never felt the workload of any sort. Oh, and I LOVED Nancy's Badge design. and bee metaphors. 

My favorite part was the creative freedom you gave us in doing the caste tasks [activities]. Especially with all the time I had on my hands, it was great to be able to go wild with my ideas (or finish the tasks more simply if I was behind). I also loved the badge aspect of the mission. It's what really drove me to want to finish EVERYTHING (at 3am). Gotta catch 'em all.




I know you're stoked!

Workshop Schedule 

August 14-September 6


Aug 14: Welcome & Intros

Aug 16: Setting the Stage

Aug 19: Millipedes & Centipedes

Aug 22: Sticks and Spiders*

Aug 25: Bombardier Beetles

Aug 28: Heavy Hitters

Aug 31: Deadly Gift Giving

Sept 2: Zombies & Mind Control*

Sept 6: Final Words & Closing

*Featured Guest

Dates may change

*Featured Guest

Important Dates

Aug 14: Workshop Welcome Email

Aug 15:  Introductions and navigating Microsoft Teams

Aug 16: First chapter goes live

Sept 7: All cards and descriptions must be submitted

Sept 10: Your certificate and card deck mailed to you

Live Q&A Schedule

Aug 15: Welcome Bees!

Aug 18: Q&A General Question

Aug 21: Q&A Millipedes *

Aug 24: Q&A Spiders *

Aug 26: Q&A Chemicals &


Aug 30: Q&A Bullet Ants and Tarantula Hawks

Sept: 1: Q&A Nuptial Gifts

Sept 3: Q&A Insect Parasitoids *

Sept 5: Q&A Fungal Parasitoids*

Sept 6: Closing Remarks

Our Guest Experts


Derek Hennen


Derek's own two feet has helped him traverse the globe looking for his "thousand footed" friends, the millipedes, to understand their systematics and taxonomy.


He's always happy to share his love of millipedes on his page "Dear Millipede.


Andrea Haberkern


While running her own SciComm group, Spider and Bug Questions with the BugGirl, on the interwebs, she also studies spider web structure as it relates to their biology in Ecuador.

joe mask.jpg

Joe Ballenger


Joe is often in the weeds as he's working on understanding how weeds kill agricultural crops.

He lends his expertise writing for Ask an Entomologist and got bitten by a black widow that one time


Joanie Mars


With a fiery passion for fire ants and the flies that tear them apart, Joanie, is just as likely to talk to you about entomology or her other passions of cosplay and rock climbing. 

When not doing science or superhero work she's lending time to write for Ask an Entomologist.

Lovett Headshot 1.JPG

Brian Lovett


Brian has parasitic fungus on the mind ... or maybe it's just the fungus talking. 

Focused on several mind control, behavior altering, fungi Brian has recently written about a sexually transmitted fungus that makes the abdomen of its host cicada, fall clean off

Refund Policy

Audrey and I have put over 200 hours into making a course that we know you'll love! And we're excited for not only all of our special guests, but the fact that this workshop is limited to just 30 people! 

  • The full amount ($150 USD) will be refunded if you decided to cancel before August 10th.

  • Half ($75 USD) will be discounted if cancelled before August 14th. 

  • After the workshop starts, we will not be able to refund you. 

Got a Question? We've Got Answers

You'll hear from us soon!

Trailer Credits

Trailer Edited by Audrey Faye

MUSIC: "Journey" by BladysV CC BY-SA 3.0 -

"Millipede"  Video by Gilmer Diaz Estela from Pexels -

"A Black Ant Crawling On The Branch Of A Tree" Video by Aduri Kumar from Pexels "Video Of Spider" by Pixabay from Pexels

 "Caterpillars Eating" video by Pixabay from Pexels

 "Monarch" video by Pixabay from Pexels

 "Wasp" video by Pixabay from Pexels